Be alert Junk Food Starting from Now!


Junk food is a very popular type of food ranging from children to adults. Burgers, sausages, fried chicken, french fries, and other foods that became instant favorites to be the daily meal. The food is pretty bad for health. So wait there are various diseases that attack, can even be fatal if there is no control in the self. Well, of course, the content of junk food is very low nutritional despite of flavor so tasty on the tongue. Therefore, let us look at some of the junk food that is based on the views of WHO and should be avoided as early as possible.

stop junk food

Junk food version of the WHO, namely:

1. Fried foods


Who does not know this  junk food. Groups such as fried foods, which are very high in calories and fat and also high oxide substances. When consumed regularly then lead to coronary heart disease, and tend to over-weight and contains many carcinogen substances that allow the emergence of cancer for which consume more than a little to eat them.

2. Canned food

Canned food has mushroomed in society either in the form of canned meat and canned fruit. For these foods contain low nutrient because it has been tampered with while manufacturing. If canned fruit is consumed on a regular basis will lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, so that the load is heavier pancreas, as well as the calories will be higher thus causing the disease of obesity.

3. Instant noodles

These foods include foods high salt content and a few vitamins and minerals. Causing kidney burden and more severe heart blood vessels as well as a sharp increase in blood pressure if consumed frequently.

4. Processed meat

These foods contain nitrite salts which can cause cancer and ingredients mixed with dyes and preservatives that often will the burden of liver.

5. Candied dried

This type of junk food is quite preferred and most processed such that it displays a variety of dry food very tempting tongue of the people. These foods produce carcinogen substances that can disrupt and damage organs in the body, especially the liver and kidneys and will cause high blood pressure as well.

6. Frozen sweet dish

These foods eg frozen sweet cake, ice cream, and so have quite a problem because these foods contain butter is certainly high and can lead to obesity because of the high sugar content. Moreover, it can also affect the gut because low-temperature processed.

7. Processed cheese

Processed cheese food indeed favored especially among children as future growth. However it should be no limit in taking it because if the continuous consumption of processed cheese, can cause obesity to higher blood sugar, which might refer to the disease of obesity.

8. Pickle

For the salting process is necessary significantly to the addition of salt, so the salt content in food to be beyond the limit and will add to the burden on the kidneys. So do not be amazed emerging diseases such as hypertension tend to be attached and will experience inflammation of the stomach and intestines if consumed on a regular basis.

9. The food is roasted or grilled

Processed foods like low-fat but it although there are cancer-causing substances. Even foods that are processed such that it does not seem like it’s still going to lead to cancer in the body.

10. The food from fatty meats and offal

The food is nutritionally complete it contained. However, the meat contains cholesterol and saturated fat has been shown to bring heart disease. Consuming these foods in large frequency and a long time, will be able to cause several diseases such as coronary heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer and etc..

Based on data from WHO about junk food above, then you should start now was gradually reduced to consuming junk food for the health of our bodies.