Avoid Misguided Diet in Weight Loss


Many methods are used by some people to lose weight and some even a misguided diet in order to achieve ideal weight. This is usually done if someone was desperate when a healthy diet. The desire to lose weight makes people try some outrageous diet, like eating cotton balls and tapeworms.

Misguided diet is not recommended because it is dangerous for health. People have tried some pretty crazy to lose weight, but with misguided diet, weight loss is usually temporary and can be very dangerous. Here are examples of some misguided diet which is not recommended.

  • Chew diet – This diet method is to chew endlessly, until the food was fine, and then spat it out. You only get a taste of the food alone and nutrient food will not be absorbed by the body.
  • Eating baby food – It’s diet by replacing the adult food, by eating baby food. You will lose weight because you are restricting calories. But you will also lose the fiber that you can get from food for adults.
  • Eating bread diet – If you eat a diet of bread has 150 calories, you can lose weight simply by not eating any food except this bread. But of course this is not good, because if you ate the bread as much as 10, the body will only get 1500 calories, thereby depriving essential nutrients the body needs, and make you tire easily.
  • Sleep diet – You may be tired and hungry as restrained eaters, you can cope with more sleep. But after you wake up, your appetite will increase because it is too tired.
  • Cigarettes diet – It is one of the most dangerous diet method. Nicotine in cigarettes may make you lose your appetite, but cigarettes do not have the calories your body needs. Smoking is the cause of many deadly medical conditions including heart disease and lung cancer.
  • Visual diet – It aims to limit excessive appetite as seen food before. The trick is to use a blue tinted glasses and all the food in front of you will look disgusting. But this may be harmful to the health of the eye, because the use of a lens that is too long.
  • Hormone injections – You can lose 500 calories per day to get daily injections of the hormone choriogonadotropin. But this has not been proven that the hormone injections to lose weight, and can be dangerous to some people because it can cause blood clots, depression, and headaches.
  • Ear staples – This involves surgical staples are placed in the cartilage of the ear. Staples are believed to stimulate the pressure points that control your appetite, similar to acupuncture. But after a few weeks, staples become ineffective as a means of weight loss because your body has become accustomed to it.

That’s some misguided diet which should not be done because it has a bad risk to your health. If you want to diet to lose weight, you should do a healthy natural diet and avoid misguided diet.