Beauty Resolutions for 2015 – Women Must Read!


Beauty resolutions are things to consider if every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive throughout the year. Every woman wants to look beautiful, but unfortunately, the desire for the beautiful is not accompanied by the desire to be healthy. In 2014, there are still many women who wear cosmetics carelessly without knowing what its contents and whether the existing license. There are still many women who are ignorant, do not wear sun protection, while the skin is an asset until the old age. Moreover, there are still some women who come to a formal event, with no makeup at all.

Beauty Resolutions

So, here it needs to be made beauty resolutions for 2015, which should be implemented.

  • Beauty Yes! Healthy Yes!

Many women who wear cosmetics carelessly especially cream bleach. There were wearing fake cosmetics because it is cheaper, some are never noticed if it had licensed cosmetic or not. Look beautiful should be done by every woman, but make sure what you are wearing is not harmful to health. Maybe now the effect is not felt, but health is a long-term investment. Pity if health is at stake because they want pretty sheer. Then choose cosmetics that are safe, licensed, genuine and material contained appropriate for your skin.

  • Began to glance at natural ingredients for beauty

There are much natural ingredients that can be used for beauty. However, women prefer to use cosmetics in order to get instant results. Although there are also cosmetic products which wrote, made from natural ingredients, but believe me, the ingredients are completely natural is of your own kitchen, which is more beneficial. The result is not as fast as manufactured, but the homemade egg white mask, hair mask homemade from avocado and etc., worth a try. Natural ingredients are always friendly to beauty as well as your health.

  • The more clever makeup according to the situation

Can apply makeup will not harm you, believe me. There will be times when you need makeup, such as job interviews, while attending a wedding invitation, when there is a formal event and etc… As long as you can adjust the makeup with the event, then all will be fine. The person who invited you to a party or a formal event will be glad to see you wearing makeup natural and beautiful, rather than plain face so impressive no effort and do not appreciate the invitation given.

  • Smile! Smile! Smile!

A smile is the best makeup for your God-given. So do not be stingy smile. Women will be more beautiful when sincere smile. So make 2015 be a year full of smiles. Believe me; a smile will make others feel comfortable around you. Keep smile 🙂

That’s some beauty resolutions for 2015. Remember, stay beautiful, stay healthy and enjoy the year 2015. Hopefully in this year more and more happiness that comes at you. Beauty resolutions above only as a guide for you order to always look naturally beautiful and healthy.