Benefits and Efficacy of Soursop Leaves


Soursop leaves have a huge benefit. Soursop, prickly green fruit that is found in tropical areas have soft flesh, and watery. Lately soursop reaping popularity because of efficacy of soursop leaves to treat cancer. Research has shown that soursop can kill cancer cells up to 10 times more effective than chemotherapy. Utilization of soursop leaves can make soursop leaf decoction to drink. Water from the soursop leaf decoction can be used as herbal ingredients to treat various diseases.

The main efficacy of soursop leaf decoction is to cure the cancer. Soursop or Graviola leaves contain anti-cancer substances called Annonaceous Acetogenin, which can kill cancer cells without disturbing other healthy cells in the human body. Lately more and more people are testimony that after regular drinking water from soursop leaf decoction, the cancer can be lost. For cancer treatments is by boil 10 old leaves of soursop (dark green). The amount of water approximately 3 cups (600 cc). Boil the water and continue to evaporate and stay about 1 or 1.5 cups (200cc) only. Water which is only remaining 1 cup, then filtered and drunk to patients every day 2 times, morning and afternoon. However, to monitor the progress, of course, must continue in consultation with a doctor.


However, for those who are not used to drink water from the soursop leaf decoction is certainly going to have some side effects that need attention. The effects of drinking water from soursop leaf decoction, usually the stomach will feel warm or hot, and sweaty bodies continue, similar to the effect of chemoteraphy.

Keep in mind that the way of healing with soursop leaf decoction cannot be instant, but it takes some patience to remember that you are taking a natural cure from the leaves of the soursop. Effects of diligent consume soursop leaf decoction is approximately 1 month. If the condition of the patient improved, began to indulge again, and upon inspection lab / doctor turns the cancer cells begin to die and dry up, while the other cells that grow like hair, nails, and others not at all disturbed, then it was a sign of soursop leaf herb is running optimally.

Here are some of the benefits and efficacy of soursop leaves in addition to cure cancer:

  • Eliminate free radicals
  • Cancer cell drying
  • Curing inflammation in the body
  • Increase the stamina of the body
  • Heal inflammation, eg sore throat, intestines, digestion, hemorrhoids, and diabetes.
  • Prevent and cure gout
  • Cure high cholesterol levels
  • For men, increasing the number of soursop leaf and strengthen sperm
  • Boost immunity

That’s some of the benefits and efficacy of soursop leaves can be used as a solution for those of you who want a natural treatment with soursop leaf. The main function of soursop leaves is to kill cancer cells of the pancreas, lung, kidney, pancreas, breast, prostate, colon, and leukemia.