Benefits of Yogurt for Health


Benefits of yogurt for health are important to keep your body to stay healthy and fit. Yogurt is very popular today because it tastes sweet, sour and fresh. The habit of eating yogurt will make the body feel the benefits.

As it is known that yogurt is a product resulting from the fermentation of milk. In addition to energy-rich, yogurt also contains carbohydrates, sugars, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B2, and calcium. Many health benefits can be obtained from the yogurt.

benefits of yogurt

Here are some benefits of yogurt for health:

  • Skin Lightening – Yogurt helps your skin to have a bright, clean and smooth. The lactic acid in yogurt acts as an exfoliator, which helps get rid of dead cells. Lactic acid yogurt can also moisturize and brighten the skin. In addition to consumption, you can also use yogurt as a mask for facial skin healthier.
  • Eradicate Acne – Establishment of acne from the inside can be prevented by consuming yogurt. Vitamins and minerals in yogurt may boost immunity to fight the bacteria that cause acne. While, naturally acid content can reduce the oil clogging the pores. For treatment from outside, could use a face mask.
  • Prevent Dry Skin – The content of lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid in yogurt can soften and improve skin elasticity, so that we do not easily dry skin and keep it moist. Well, we could use a yogurt mask to remove dead skin cells on the face. Besides its lactic acid content can shrink the skin pores.
  • Contains good bacteria – Yogurt is often referred to as probiotic drinks. Harmful microorganisms that can cause damage to the intestines or other organs of the digestive system can be prevented with probiotics in yogurt. Work of the digestive system is supported by the presence of probiotics.
  • Healthy Digestion – Yogurt is more digestible than milk. Many consume yogurt can make us become healthier digestion. Probiotic bacteria in yogurt can balance and healthy microflora in the intestine, helping digestion, and can keep your body fit.
  • Improve gut health – active culture yogurt helps relieve digestive conditions such as lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea, colon cancer, and bowel disease.
  • Helps lose weight – Intake of calcium through yogurt helps the body to use stored fat. Thus, it helps you have a more slender body. In addition, the calories in yogurt making yogurt can help a person feel full faster.
  • Contains a variety of vitamins – Yogurt contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamin B5, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iodine and riboflavin. In addition, it is also rich in vitamin B12. It is very necessary to keep the red blood cells, and also to keep the work function of nervous system.
  • Boost immunity – Immunity will be awake when we regularly consume yogurt because of the probiotic. It also helps stimulate infection-fighting white blood cells in the bloodstream.
  • Reduce the risk of fungal infections – Yogurt membantu dalam mengurangi atau infeksi akibat jamur dalam vagina.
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure – not just calcium, yogurt also contains a lot of potassium. The content of potassium in yogurt helps lower blood pressure.
  • Keeping bones healthy – A bowl of yogurt can give you a lot of calcium and vitamin D. Both of these components are very important for maintaining bone health. Calcium that is in yogurt also helps maintain bone density and strengthen your entire life. Thus, consumption of yogurt helps to prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Those are some of the benefits of yogurt for health. There are so many benefits of yogurt are good for health and beauty. Generally, many women like yogurt because it gives benefits such beauty to brighten the skin, clear acne, lose weight, and etc. So for those of you who have a habit of eating yogurt should not be abandoned, due to the benefits of yogurt for health cannot be underestimated.