Bitter Melon Juice for Weight Loss


Bitter melon juice may seem strange to you because as we know that bitter melon is a vegetable that has a very bitter taste. Yes, bitter melon is known to have a bitter taste experience, but also that it cannot be denied that there are health benefits to pare so great, one of which is to make the body slim or for weight loss. You may not like bitter melon because of bitterness or perhaps also because the smell is not too unpleasant.

For those of you like bitter melon may not be a problem, but if you do not like bitter melon and are running activities diets to lose weight or shaping into a slim body, the bitter melon juice can be tried as a new diet menu for you. Do not underestimate pare, as quoted from, stating that bitter melon juice drink is a healthy solution to lose weight without any side effects. Yes, no side effects because it is a natural weight loss vegetables.

You would be reluctant to drink the bitter melon juice because it tastes very bitter, but precisely because of the bitter taste is the secret of your weight loss so much faster. This vegetable has a substance that can reduce and maintain blood sugar levels, as well as help using the calories you well. Even bitter melon can prevent the absorption of excess sugar in your body. If you want to include bitter melon juice in your diet menu list, the following is bitter melon juice recipes to lose weight naturally.

bitter melon juice

Natural ingredients are needed:

  • 1 bitter melon¬†that has pitted
  • 2 apples
  • 1 cucumber
  • Lemon juice

How to make bitter melon juice is premises chop all ingredients, and then blend until smooth. Bitter melon juice can be drunk directly, or can be added one tablespoon of honey. Drink two glasses per day and if you do not like the apple, can be replaced with pineapple which was also very fresh.

Let’s try to make the body look slimmer. Hopefully how to make bitter melon juice for weight loss is useful for you.