BRAT Diet for Toddlers Diarrhea


BRAT diet for toddlers can also be useful to overcome diarrhea, having previously Fit Everyday wrote on 5 Steps to Overcome Diarrhea with BRAT diet, which applies generally. BRAT diet for toddlers is one of the natural ways that can be done by parents if their toddlers suffer from diarrhea. As it is known that the BRAT diet, foods consumed are banana, rice, applesauce, and toast. The four foods are good enough to recover the nutrition children suffering from diarrhea.

By providing BRAT diet therapy in toddlers with diarrhea, parents can more easily monitor the progress of the nutritional condition of the child, because the four types of food are intended to replace the nutritional intake of a normal child. BRAT diet for toddlers relieve abdominal work being diarrhea, especially when accompanied by abdominal cramps.

How to apply BRAT diet for toddlers with diarrhea?

BRAT diet for toddler diarrhea

The first step should be a parent is to provide water intake and warm ginger water for toddlers 10 glasses per day. After toddler familiar with the fluid intake, start giving BRAT foods (Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast). Banana is the first foods to be given because it can to relieve constipation. After that, increase the consumption of rice (liquid / mushy in advance) for rehydration and solidify the stool structure. Give applesauce directly or as a spread on bread. If toddler get bored and to add a variety of foods, it can be added snack like jelly, fresh fruit juice, cereal, and oatmeal. But do not forget, the kind of fruit that is consumed must be properly addressed. Stay avoids giving excessive consumption of sweet foods in toddler.


That is how to implement BRAT diet for toddlers diarrhea. As parents should pay attention to every food consumed to keep awake toddler health. Hopefully the information about the BRAT diet for toddlers diarrhea is useful for you.