Cardamom Health Benefits


Not many know the cardamom health benefits are quite surprising. During this cardamom is known as one of the types of spices is useful as herbs. Cardamom is widely used as a spice in cooking. Cardamom was well known as one of the third most expensive spice in the kitchen, after saffron and vanilla. But with the amount of cardamom health benefits, does not hurt to always finish cooking with cardamom.

Here are some cardamom health benefits as reported from

  • Good for stomach health – Cardamom is very beneficial for health control bile and gastric juices, so you can avoid the diseases of stomach acid.
  • Good for the heart – Cardamom has the benefit of improving blood circulation and reducing blood pressure low. Therefore, cardamom is good to eat for people with hypertension. In addition to the health benefits of cardamom is also useful to prevent blood clots.
  • Good for bones – Cardamom contains two important substances that are good for bone health, namely manganese and vitamin C. Both of these substances also have an important role to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Has analgesic properties – analgesic properties of cardamom able to relieve pain, muscle pain, and seizures. Additionally, cardamom also has anti-inflammatory properties that can treat swollen gums.
  • Good for kidneys – Several studies have shown that diuretic properties owned cardamom essential to maintain the health of your kidneys. The nature is also useful for preventing diseases associated with urinary tract such as cystitis and nephritis.
  • Increases sexual desire – Cardamom has long been known to have properties so as to avoid your aphrodisiac of impotence and premature ejaculation.
  • Improve mood – Cardamom also has anti-depressant properties. Therefore, if you’re feeling sad or excited, a cup of cardamom tea can improve your mood.
  • Boost the immune system – Cardamom can improve your immune system able to fight bacteria because cardamom and other pathogens that can make your body healthy.

Those are some amazing cardamom health benefits, therefore, there is no harm if you provide the cardamom in the house as your home-based care.