Carrots Health Benefits for the Body


Carrots health benefits for the body quite a lot because the nutrients in it. Carrots are one of the vegetables that are familiar to everyone around the world. Carrots are a commonly used ingredient in many foods worldwide. Carrots can be processed into various shapes, such as juice, snacks, until cooked along with other vegetables. But the best of the carrots are a high nutritional content and health benefits for the body.

Carrots health benefits cannot be separated from the nutrients in carrots. Carrots are very rich in fiber, antioxidants, and minerals. Characteristics and bright orange color in carrots comes from beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A in our body. Carrots contain a source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C is very high, including sodium content.

One of the carrots health benefits are widely known by people is for the eyes because carrots contain vitamin A which is very good for the health of the eye organ, and vision. How to consume carrots can be eaten directly, for the juice, or vegetable dishes. Carrots health benefits not only for the eyes, but also has other benefits that are not widely known.


Here are carrots health benefits for the body:

  • Better eyesight. It is carrots health benefits the most widely known. Sources of beta-carotene in carrots will be converted by the liver into a source of vitamin A. So no wonder, if someone regularly eating carrots in the daily menu, the organ eye health will be maintained at all times.
  • Anti-Cancer Vegetables. Carrots become one of the vegetables that are very effective in warding off various types of cancer, which is very deadly, such as breast cancer, lung and colon. This is due to the content of falcarinol and falcarindiol which are anticancer in carrots.
  • Healthier Heart. The content of beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein make carrots is in need of the heart organ. This is because. Various substances will make you avoid the various disorders or heart attack.
  • Healthier and Stronger Teeth. Carrots instrumental in helping remove plaque and food debris that can damage your teeth and gums. This is because, carrots contains certain minerals that can prevent tooth decay over time.
  • Digestive Health. Carrots contain high fiber, which is essential for maintaining the smooth body’s digestive system. Fiber is also very good consumed during the diet, because it can make the body full longer. Carrots are also often used to treat digestive disorders due to high fiber content.
  • The Powerful Stroke Preventer. Regularly consume orange vegetables or carrots can reduce and prevent stroke that could threaten the safety of lives in an instant.
  • Shown More Ageless. The content of beta-carotene which is very high in carrots can slow down the aging of cells. So that makes a person look more youthful despite years pass. In addition, the content of vitamin A in carrots can keep and maintain the health of the skin, as it can prevent cell damage and are useful in the regeneration of new cells. Vitamin A is also able to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, prevent premature aging, eliminate spots on the skin due to pigmentation and prevent acne.
  • Cleansing Toxins in Body. The content of Vitamin A in carrots can clean the colon and biliary organs and fat in your liver naturally and effectively.
  • Controls Cholesterol. The fiber in carrots can lower cholesterol levels in the body. The content of magnesium in carrots also helps control cholesterol in the body.

That are some carrots health benefits which hidden and seldom known by many people. Do not hesitate anymore if consuming carrots, because carrots health benefits for the body are many and of course carrots are very easy to find in addition to the cheap price if you want to buy it.