Color Block Hair, Colored Hair New Trends


Color block hair became one of the hairstyles that are currently becoming the new trend of colorful hair. Of course, this hairstyle can be a choice besides hair styles that are popular today as mermaid hair, ombre hair, pastel hair, gray hair and many others. As has been reported by, a leading beauty product brand launched the latest innovation of hair coloring, Color Block Hair. For those who wish to combine a variety of colors in your hair, this is perfect. Color block hair makes hair color creations very interesting so many women who want to try to boost performance.

Color Block Hair
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Basically, hair coloring trends in color block hair, giving you the freedom to combine various colors, without mixing, or makes the colors blend and create the impression of a futuristic. To get the hair like this, you really have to go to the salon, or in need of expert assistance. Given the uniqueness and on behalf of “the present”, you probably worth a try. Staining can combine up to 6 colors in your hair, and make it look like a rainbow.

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It is very interesting, is not it? Color block hair trend is very well suited for those of you who have long hair, but for those who have short hair does not hurt to try this color block hair. Good luck for those of you who dare to be different with color block hair.