Detect Cervical Cancer with Pap Smear


PAP smear is especially important for women who have married and had been given birth. A study proves that many women who give birth, smoking, multiple sex partners, having a high risk for cervical cancer.

PAP smear is associated with cervical cancer. PAP smear is one way to detect the occurrence of Cervical cell changes from normal cells into malignant cells that, so that the PAP smear, then the early changes of normal cells into malignant cells that, can be immediately known.

How do I make PAP Smear? It’s easy you do not have to do it yourself, coming to an obstetrician or go to Midwifery in a Hospital, after that, will be carried out internal examination on you.


The doctor will perform the opening of the vagina with a special tool so the Cervical be seen clearly by the doctor. With the help of a tool called a spatula, a doctor will take / wipe round with a view to taking Cervical lymph or mucus found on Cervical around.

Cervical lymph or fluid which contains cells, then apply on the object glass and fixed with a special fluid or with Alcohol 95%. Then the glass objects in the Laboratory will be seen under microscope. Are there any harmful cells?

Examination results will be Negative, Dysplasia, or Positive. Negative means not find cells that are dangerous. Dysplasia means the cells are found which show the changing nature of which can lead to malignancy, for it needs to be confirmed by examination Biopsy. Positive means malignant cells are found, must be done Biopsy, to ensure the diagnosis.

Pap smear is highly recommended to be done every year at the Women who are married, especially in women who had given birth.