Diet 2 Times a Week Can Make Thin


Diet 2 times a week was effective enough to be lived. Although tortured for two days a week, but we still have 5 days to have fun. Hungry all the time is certainly very painful, so many failed in the diet program. But in a certain way, the diet can lose weight with diet 2 times a week.

Diet 2 times a week performed by cutting calorie intake of 1500 calories per day, but only needs to be done 2 times a week. Within 4 months, body weight was reduced an average of 4 kg while on the diet each day only down 2 kg.


In research, Michelle Harvie, diet experts from the Genesis Prevention Center at the University Hospital, involving 88 female participants who were asked to undergo several different diet programs. Most of the diet 2 times a week, while the rest are the diet as usual, with restrictions on the number of calories adjusted.

The first group underwent a Mediterranean diet or a diet 2 times a week with the menu dominated by fish and fruits, as well as calorie restriction as much as 1,500 calories for 2 days. The group that underwent regular diet, calorie restricted as much as 650 calories per day.

Harvie and colleagues in the research believe, diet is only done 2 times a week will be more easily undertaken. Although at times it will feel very painful, but there is still 5 days to have fun so do not get bored quickly.

Proper diet according to Harvie is very important to prevent obesity, the risk of complications with various diseases such as diabetes that accompany it. Obesity itself is also a risk factor other deadly diseases, such as cancer and heart attacks. So for those of you who want the ideal body, could be the diet 2 times a week  as has been mentioned by Harvie.