Diet Foods that Could Potentially Cause Cancer


Diet foods that could potentially cause cancer must be properly addressed if we are undergoing a diet program. Although referred to as diet foods, but some food is still likely risk of causing cancer. Basically, the food we can trust is the natural foods found in nature rather than processed diet foods. It is not entirely processed diet foods that can cause cancer. At least, we should be able to choose the right diet foods, in order keep our bodies healthy and fit, farthest from the disease, especially cancer.

Here are some diet foods that could potentially cause cancer:

Dairy Products


Dairy products actually have the potential to cause cancer. Some are manufactured from cow’s milk can also contain the possibility of congenital hormone injections which can affect other hormones. In addition, protein and fat that is even labeled low fat, can also lead to cancer. The alternative is to consume soy milk or do a lot of physical activities like sports to process these foods properly and appropriately.

Diet Soda

Drink diet soda remains a highly not recommended for the diet. Diet soda may be low in sugar, but the contents are not suitable for the body being ‘rescued’. Anyway the best drink is water.

Diet Sugar

Diet sugar contains aspartame, which is not good consumed by the body in the long term. The risk of diet sugar and regular sugar is not much different in kidney damage. We recommend the consumption of fruit or honey with a sufficient portion to replace the sugar you use.

Diet Supplements / Diet Tea

Paradigm diet supplements or diet tea still control the minds of consumers who are doing the diet. Products like this just be supporting diet alone, but is often used as a ‘major tool’ to go on a diet. If so, then the kidneys and liver to work extra hard and cause unhealthy slim. All you need is really only natural and healthy food and regular exercise.


Shake or meal replacement function is more for added power and replace heavy meals. Even so, if not balanced with physical activity and natural foods, nutrition is not good for your health. Some shakes also contain milk products which may not be suitable for our digestion.

When you’re on a diet, you can eat foods on top. But, prioritize your diet on natural foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Consumption of complex carbohydrates and exercise more to counterweight your diet program. However natural diet foods are better than home-made or processed diet foods despite having the same benefits in weight loss, at least to be really preferred to avoid diet foods that could potentially cause cancer.