Cause of Difficulty to Lose Weight


Lose Weight for some people might be important to note. Not many people are having problems with lose weight. Most people crave the ideal body weight. Different ways to get the ideal body weight would have been done. Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly, even some who have failed in losing weight.

In general, balance nutrition and healthy lifestyle such as exercise able to lose weight. But there are other factors that also play a role, one of which is genetic. There are several causes which make it difficult to lose weight.


People who have low resting metabolic rate and metabolic efficiency is high, it will be difficult to lose weight. If the resting metabolic rate is low, the body will consume fewer calories, whereas the efficiency of your metabolism will burn fewer calories while moving.

Female have difficulty to lose weight. Percentage of women have a higher body fat than men, and more often save the excess weight in the hips, legs and buttocks. Whereas for men contain more muscle which actually burn more calories than fat tissue.

In addition there are several studies showing that maternal consumption of foods high in fat it will affect the fat cells that form, weight and health status of a developing fetus, regardless of whether pregnant women are fat or thin.

Willingness to exercise was also influential in losing weight. In addition, differences in the way people experience hunger and overcome stress is important when determining who will be overweight and who do not. Genetic influence of hormones and peptides that made the gut, brain and fat cells that regulates appetite, hunger and satiety thus triggering the trouble to lose weight.

Problem of sleep deprivation also affects the weight loss. Body condition of continuous sleep deprivation can alter gastrointestinal hormone responsible for hunger and satiety. Lack of sleep makes the control of hunger is reduced, or lost a lot triggered the eating, so it is difficult to lose weight.