Fast Weight Loss with Water Diet


Fast weight loss with water diet can be run within 10 days. It is very useful for those of you who want to lose weight in quick time. As it is known that the main goal of the diet is to achieve an ideal body weight. This also applies if you do fast weight loss with water diet. In addition increase confidence because it has an ideal body weight, diet is also maintaining a healthy body from various diseases, such as high cholesterol to hypertension.

According to experts, a fast way to lose weight is by water diet for 10 days. Experts believe that the technique of fast weight loss with water diet, and contribute directly to the health. The advantages of this diet technique that is quite 10 days, no longer and no more, so no need to spend a long time to see results.


Here are the rules of procedures for fast weight loss with water diet, which should be done for 10 days as quoted from Boldsky:

Day 1: Mineral Water

Never miss to consume mineral water. Start the first day of your diet by consuming one glass of mineral water every 2 hours.

Day 2: Green Tea

On the second day you can consume green tea. Green tea on the second day will help the body to remove or detoxify toxins. This method is the key to successful fast weight loss for 10 days.

Day 3: Ice Water

Who says the cold water will make the fat to accumulate in the body? Ice water actually burn more calories than plain water. In addition, ice water can also increase the body’s metabolism in a short time.

Day 4: Add Jaggery

Jaggery is natural sweetener made ​​from sugar cane juice concentration results, has a dark color and rough. The aim of the technique is to help revitalize the body’s energy. Just add 2 tablespoons jaggery into mineral water as much as 5 liters.

Day 5: Water Soup

The function of water soup is that you can consume fluids full of protein and vitamins. Consuming a cup of soup will make you easy to resist hunger and suppress satiety.

Day 6: Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is one of compulsory fluid should be consumed at a time when water diet for 10 days. The reason is to fill the intake of nutrients and vitamins in the body and stamina

Day 7: Sweet Water

The meaning of sweet water here is a blend of mineral water with sugar and a little salt. On the seventh day, this drink will help you to the fullest to trim the fat in the body. This water also serves to maintain blood pressure and balance.

Day 8: Hot Water

Hot water serves to reduce body fat directly. Hot water can also help you to reduce cellulite.

Day 9: Herbal

Herbal water helps to eliminate toxins in the body. The power of herbal flushes toxins on the 9th day of the water diet for 10 days to lose weight.

Day 10: Water lemon

Lemon becomes one of the best ways to lose weight. However, with the lemon juice, you need to add honey, and a pinch of cinnamon to help reduce body fat and weight.

That’s a rule that needs to be considered in performing a fast weight loss with water diet. But keep in mind that every diet there must be risks. When you fill your body with water only, then in the short term you will lose the essential nutrients your body needs. However, the result will be weight loss. You will also lose more muscle than when consuming food in general, so it is recommended you run the water diet is not too long. But if you are in doubt, you should first check with the experts, if your body is healthy enough and able to do fast weight loss with water diet.