Fruits for Diabetic Diet


Diabetic diet is a thing to note for those of you who have problems with diabetes, with the aim to prevent the development of diabetes. You, who have a family history of diabetes, would have memorized well that sweet food is a big enemy of your family. Most diabetics have learned that what they choose to eat and drink can help boost or lower their blood sugar levels after eating.

If someone is diagnosed with diabetes, or at risk of developing diabetes, it does not mean everything has ended. Most diabetics stay healthy and live a normal healthy lifestyle with regular and consistent manner. The good news, many are successful even without taking drugs. Even people who do not have diabetes were encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of them could be by implementing a diabetic diet by consuming fruits. Good food for diabetics is a lot of fiber and potassium.

Here are some fruits that are recommended for diabetic diet:

  • Guava – Guava fruit is one of the fruits that do not have excessive sweet taste. If you include guava in your diet, this fruit can aid digestion and prevent constipation because the fiber is excellent. Not only that, Guava is also rich in vitamins A and C which will boost immunity of infectious diseases.
  • Papaya – Beside rich in vitamins and minerals, is also a fine fiber-rich fruit for digestion. This is one super fruit that is sweet but good for your diabetes. Vitamins A and C as well as various content of healthy, able to lower cholesterol that threatens diabetics.
  • Star fruit – This fruit is one that is very good for a diabetic diet. This is because the star fruit can lower blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. This fruit can be consumed in juice form. So, consuming one glass of star fruit juice every day can to lower high blood sugar levels.
  • Pears – This fruit is rich in water is also very good for diabetics, because of the many vitamins and fiber, not too sweet. Sometimes pear also has a bit of a sour taste fresh. The fruit is very suitable edible, if you include people who do not like to drink water.
  • Jackfruit – Jackfruit also has a high fiber content of many vitamins and minerals that your body needs. You can eat jackfruit because of the sweetness that is not overpowering. But also its consumption should be limited if you are pregnant.
  • Apples – Apples have a high content of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. Apples also contain pectin that is found on the skin and pulp. Pectin helps to detoxify the body, eliminating harmful waste products. Pectin also contains galacturonic acid that has been shown to decrease insulin requirements by up to 35% of diabetics.
  • Oranges – High fiber and vitamin C of oranges helps control blood sugar levels. Oranges contains naringenin which helps balance the levels of insulin and glucose in the blood. Oranges are low in fat can help you lose weight is. Being overweight is a risk factor for diabetes.
  • Cherries – Cherries contain antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber and folate. Cherries also contain anthocyanins, a natural chemical that is responsible for the deep red color on the fruit. Anthocyanins help lower blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production up to 50%.
  • Kiwi – Kiwi fruit may help prevent asthma, obesity, colon cancer, heart disease and protect DNA from mutations. Kiwi fruit contains vitamin C, E and A, flavonoids and minerals. In fact, kiwi fruit contains more vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium than bananas. Vitamins in kiwi fruit provide free radical protection improve overall health. Kiwi fruit is a fruit also contains high levels of fiber that helps control blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol.
  • Berry Fruit – All types of berries have benefits for the health of the body due to the high content of fiber, vitamin C, folic acid and phytochemicals. Berry fruit is low in carbohydrates and low in glycemic index than all other fruits. Berry helps digestion and absorption of sucrose which helps control blood sugar levels.
  • Pineapple – This fruit is good for diabetics. Pineapple beneficial to the body because they have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Pomegranate – Red Pomegranate is good for diabetics because it helps increase blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Watermelon – Watermelon is a low glycemic index, which makes them good for diabetic patients. However, make sure that you eat this fruit in limited quantities or not excessive.

Those are some fruits that are suitable for you to apply a diabetic diet. Consumption of a healthy and balanced diet when you have diabetes, it does not mean you have to abstain from the tasty food, especially fruits for diabetic diet.