Fuller Breasts without Implants Surgery and Side Effects


Fuller breasts are every woman’s dream, and of course very add confidence to attract the attention of men. Many ways to try it, one of which is with plastic surgery which can get instant results. Some countries such as Korea became one of the best plastic surgery centers, because the results are perfect and changed drastically. Usually plastic surgery through surgical procedure and there is liquid silicone injection. However, there is now a new method which is used in plastic surgery to create fuller breasts.

botox injections for breast enlargement

According alerts Geniusbeauty.com, plastic surgery clinics now offer new services are increasingly popular. With Botox injection in the chest muscle to make breasts larger. The cost to perform the procedure has to spend no less than $ 1000 USD. Technology of Botox injections in the breast involve the use of the popular cosmetic filler into the muscles of the front surface of the breast that produces a relaxing effect, which forced the shoulder and chest muscles to take the main burden. As a result, the breasts look more solid, tall and big. And, breast enlargement can reach the entire size of the bra.

According to plastic surgeon, this procedure has been very popular among celebrities who become customers. In the UK, Botox injections costing thousands of pounds and the effects of the injection procedure last up to six months. Beauty clinic patients particularly appreciate the fact that breast enlargement with Botox does not leave scars on the body. This procedure does not require recovery time and no side effects and is virtually painless.


Indeed, the scar will not appear as Botox injections are practically invisible, while according to the doctor, the case of a normal breast enlargement using a scalpel or implants. The duration of treatment is only 30 minutes and is considered ideal for women who suffer from breast ptosis after pregnancy and childbirth, aging, or wrinkles in the neck caused by excessive sunbathing.

Yes, that’s the new method Botox injections to create fuller breasts without implants surgery and side effects. But however the choice is up to your own, consider well if you want to try this method to create fuller breasts.