Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee


There are some healthy reasons to drink coffee. Almost everyone in the world was so fond of drinking coffee because they provide additional energy and eliminating drowsiness immediately. The benefits of drinking coffee are quite a lot. Here are some healthy reasons to drink coffee that you can know.

Coffee could prevent diabetes. If you are fond of eating pure coffee, you are likely to almost 60% lower risk of type 2 of diabetes than those not drinking coffee. The content of magnesium and chromium found in coffee may help control blood sugar levels. This is one of healthy reasons to drink coffee.


Coffee could prevent skin cancer. This conclusion is obtained by the scientists from Rutgers University, USA. Research has shown that caffeine has a chemical compound that when applied to the skin can absorb ultraviolet radiation. This is a preventive effort on the development of tumors. So, for those of you who want to maintain healthy skin can give it a try.

Coffee may prevent cancer of the mouth and throat. A study in Italy found that the caffeine content in coffee prevent the emergence of the mouth and throat cancer. Those who drank about four cups of coffee or more a day reduced the risk of certain cancers of the mouth and throat nearly 40 percent.

Coffee may prevent heart disease. Dutch researchers found that people who drank two to four cups of coffee a day managed to reduce their risk of heart disease by 20 percent, compared with those who did not consume coffee. Antioxidants found in coffee gives good protection from free radicals that enter the body.

Coffee can prevent cavities. Drinking coffee was able to prevent cavities. According to research in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, compounds found in coffee is trigonelline, have antibacterial properties that may keep the oral cavity from attack germs such as streptococcus mutants which can attack tooth enamel. However, this does not seem to apply with coffee milk.

Coffee may prevent neurological diseases such as Parkinson. People with a family history of coffee drinkers a small chance of neurological diseases such as Parkinson. Caffeine in coffee or caffeinated tea can react in a gene called GRIN2A to help lower risk of Parkinson.

One of healthy reasons to drink coffee can prevent stress. The smell of coffee can make your body more refreshed. When you’re stressed out, the smell of coffee also help you relieve stress, by triggering the activity of genes that protect nerve cells from stress.

Of course, healthy reasons to drink coffee can be met if not excessive coffee drinking. Excessive coffee drinking can cause sleep disturbances, abdominal pain or palpitations. You also need to limit drinking coffee in a state if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure. To be safer to drink coffee and know about healthy reasons to drink coffee, consult with your doctor.