How to Enlarge Breasts with Egg


Not many people know how to enlarge breasts with egg, because the egg is usually used as a daily breakfast menu. Eggs are your usual daily consumption has many benefits and uses that are good for the body, or it could also be used for beauty. Well, keep in mind that the egg, in addition can be eaten, it can also be used as a mask for beauty, one of which is to enlarge the breasts with egg by using a mask made of the egg.

How to enlarge breasts with egg can be done in two ways, namely, by making potions for breast mask, and using egg whites only. This method is also one way enlarge breasts before sleep, which has been discussed previously, but with the use of egg as an ingredient to increase the firmness and softness of breasts. Read: How to Enlarge Breasts before Sleep


The first way to enlarge breasts with egg is by making potions breast mask, here’s how:

  • Prepare the egg yolk, pureed cucumber, and one tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Make potions, by mixing the three ingredients.
  • After making potions, then apply on the breasts.
  • Let stand for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then rinse with warm water and soap.

That’s the first way to enlarge breasts with egg. If it is too complicated or do not have time to make it, then it can use other ways to enlarge breasts with egg. Here’s how:

  • Prepare egg
  • Separate the egg white part and yolk
  • Apply the egg whites to all parts of breasts

For this second way, the point is not to use other natural ingredients, and only use egg whites only to enlarge breasts.

To get maximum results, you can do this way before bedtime. After settling overnight, rinse with clean water when you wake up the next morning. Do it three times a week. Of course when applying this traditional cream, can do massage to help seep existing content on the potion. In addition, massage can also facilitate the circulation of your blood, so how to enlarge breasts with egg can work with maximum results.