How to Increase Metabolism Easily and Efficiently


How to increase metabolism plays an important role in the effort to lose weight. The dream of having a slim and healthy body will be achieved if we can increase metabolism. Many weight loss diets fail because forgetting this factor. Well, this is where the importance of the body’s metabolism as a critical success factor. How to increase your metabolism becomes quite important in supporting weight loss success story.

How to Increase Metabolism

Here are some ways to increase metabolism easily and efficiently

  • Develop a fixed schedule – This is very useful in improving the body’s metabolism. It is undeniable that the busyness of your daily schedule will make a mess, is not well in health. Keep all of your activities can be scheduled well, by arranging a fixed schedule. When did you start working, what time you rest, what time you eat, etc. This way other than good for lifestyle, also have a positive effect on your body.
  • Morning sunlight – How to Increase metabolism easily is by utilizing the morning sunlight. As it is known, that the activity in the morning, especially the small exercise in the morning sun can release the hormone serotonin, which can make your mood is always positive. Morning sunlight is quite healthy, refreshing, and can be a good stimulant for the body. In addition to providing a good mood, morning sun also helps increase metabolism.
  • Drinking water – water will clean up toxic waste from the body and are excreted in sweat and urine. So it is highly recommended you to drink a glass of water after you wake up, because during sleep overnight sure the body is dehydrated. Warm water is the best drink after you wake up. If you get bored with drinking water, you can add half a freshly squeezed lemon juice to help balance the water content in the body and get the intake of vitamin C to boost immunity.
  • Move your body – light yoga exercises or walking around the house can be one of ways to increase metabolism. The morning is a great time to do stretching and cardio exercises, which have a big impact for your vitality, both physically and mentally. This is the best how to increase metabolism and keep your immune.
  • Time for a break – metabolism can be maintained with enough rest or sleep. Preferably at night our bodies need rest because peak metabolism is at night. This is certainly going to be a problem for those who suffer from insomnia, and should be addressed immediately in order to rest or sleep well. Enough rest or sleep at night will make your body feel fresh and fit when you wake up in the morning.

Those are how to increase metabolism easily and efficiently which can be applied to your body remain healthy and fit.