How to Straighten Hair Naturally with Aloe Vera


Plants those are beneficial for healthy hair besides celery is aloe vera, which is also beneficial to straighten hair. Aloe vera has long been recognized as a useful plant to maintain the beauty that is the beauty of the hair. Hereditary aloe vera used as a natural remedy to overcome the hair problems, such as dry hair, forked, dandruff, and others. To straighten hair, aloe vera can also be used if you like the natural way to straighten hair. However, if you want instant results, then do rebounding at salon can make your hair straight in just a few hours, and of course cost more.

You can straighten your hair with aloe vera without going to the salon. Although straighten hair with natural ingredients will not give instant results, but it does not have side effects that can damage your hair. The side effects of straightening hair with chemicals likely to have side effects include hair red, branching and brittle. You’ll also find the hair is not as smooth as it used to be.


How to straighten hair with aloe assessed is a safe and natural solution and has no side effects. The virtue of aloe vera for hair can soften the hair and makes the hair becomes tangled easily so it is easy to set up. Aloe vera is also beneficial as a natural conditioner, strengthens hair, reducing hair loss and overcome, overcome the problem of split ends, and eliminates dandruff. Then how to straighten hair with aloe vera?

Here’s how to straighten hair naturally with aloe vera:

  • Take half a cup of aloe vera gel, and half a cup of olive oil or coconut oil, and essential oil or sandalwood oil
  • Mix aloe vera gel with the olive oil
  • Add essential oils, if the hair is thick, can add the ingredients if it is less.
  • Massage-massage into scalp and hair evenly
  • Leave for about 2 hours
  • After that, wash hair with shampoo and rinse with lukewarm water.

That is the natural way to straighten hair with a mixture of aloe vera. Aloe vera gel is used can be obtained by direct purchase aloe gel packs, or take a fresh directly from the plant. How to straighten natural hair with aloe vera should be done with patience and routine, at least use it every 2 to 3 times a week, then straight hair can be obtained. How to straighten hair, in addition to using the herb Aloe vera, also can be obtained naturally using cream of celery.