How to Enlarge Breasts While Bathing


In addition to how to enlarge breasts before bed, you can try also how to enlarge breasts while bathing. There are so many ways to enlarge breasts naturally. Enlarge breasts while taking a bath is one way that can be tested, it also has other benefits that can relax the body. Enlarge breasts while bathing is perfect to do during hot weather or body feels sticky and dirty.

So how do I do this therapy? Therapy for breast enlargement while bathing can be done just as easily by way of enlarging breasts before bed. If before bed does not require the help of olive oil, while bathing then you need to prepare the olive oil to aid in breast massage. Breast massage is very important to tighten and enlarge breast size, improve blood circulation, prevent breast cancer, and can eliminate lymphatic toxins in the body.


Enlarge breasts while bathing can be done by using flavored olive oil to massage therapy. It can also be done with a mask or a special cream for breast care. If using breast massage techniques, should be done 2-5 times a week with 10-15 minutes long. Prepare a basin of cold water, a basin of warm water, olive oil, towels and cotton, to perform breast massage while bathing.

Here are the steps to enlarge breasts while bathing:

  1. Clean breast with water.
  2. Massage with olive oil. Do it with both hands in a circle clockwise, then repeat it counterclockwise.
  3. Sort of down toward the nipple, but not to massage the nipples.
  4. Clap the breast lightly with fingertips.
  5. Clean the nipples with oil, so that the nipples becomes pliable and no blisters.
  6. Clean with warm water to clean the breast and nipple.

Henceforth, continue your shower as usual activities. How to enlarge breasts while bathing you can try while cleaning your entire body.