8 Ways How To Keep Hair Straight While Sleeping


Hi ladies, have you ever thought about how to keep hair straight while sleeping? Certainly for those of you who have straight hair always thinking how to get out of bed when the hair still looks straight and not fall apart. Certainly you feel less comfortable, because certainly very troublesome if every day have to spend time for smoothing the hair after waking up, much less is being hasty when waking up sleeping through. Hair tangled and messy after waking almost experienced by most people, especially women. But some say if the woman’s natural beauty will be clearly visible when waking up. Well, but how can it be beautiful if any wake-up hair tangled and messy?

Here there are several ways on how to keep hair straight while sleeping you can try.

  1. Comb the hair before bed

Before we sleep, don’t forget to comb the hair for several minutes. Don’t let the hair tangles at night let alone before we sleep. By combing the hair, we help move the natural oils from the head so that it spreads evenly so that the hair is more moisturized, avoid tangled hair while sleeping, and not rough in the morning.

  1. avoid the rubber band

We see so many people spend a lot of money for a nice hairdos, colors, and hair care products then precisely binds her hair into a ponytail at night with a rubber band. Elastic rubber it would give excessive pressure on the stem and the root of the hair. This is certainly going to be damaging to the hair while sleeping. In addition, using the tool belt of hair, hair curler, or bandana that too often will make your hair being easily damaged. Also at the time of sleeping, hair should be left to unravel. If want to tie up the hair, halve two of your hair, then the belt at the lower end. Better explained the hair towards the top of the pillow. So, the position of the neck directly behind stuck to the pillow and the hair breaks down on a pillow.

  1. Apply essential oils to nourish the hair

In order to make the hair more beautiful and neat when waking up, make sure you do hair care before bed routine, by applying essential oils on the hair. In addition to maintaining natural moisture to hair, applying essential oils also help prevent frizz and mess, so your hair will look straight at the time of waking up.

  1. avoid sleeping in soaked hair condition

Before going to bed, make sure your hair in dry conditions. Because wet hair will create moist sparked the germ stuck to the pillow as well as in the hair.

  1. give a gentle massage on the scalp

You can also massage the scalp before bed. A gentle massage on the scalp will not only make you relax, but also launched a blood circulation in order to be healthy and strong hair.

  1. Wrap hair with a scarf

You can wrap the hair with a scarf made of soft and slippery, for example: silk and satin. This way can minimize the friction of the hair that makes her tangled and damaged.

  1. Change pillowcases with a good

Pillowcases are objects that are always in contact with the hair while sleeping. Therefore, make sure you use the material is soft and smooth, such as silk or satin. Why is this so? Because of the friction heat between hair and pillowcase can trigger hair is tangled and messy. This of course resulted in straight hair into a messy.

  1. Make sure sleeping in clean hair condition

This is no less important to keep hair straight while sleeping, is to ensure the hair is clean. So that your hair is neat and not messy wake-up moment, make sure you sleep in clean hair condition. Wash hair every afternoon, apply conditioner to keep the beauty of the hair. Clean well maintained with hair before bed, guaranteed hair will not tangle or a mess after waking up.

Now that is some simple ways you can try to make the hair look beautiful and straight at the time of waking up. It turned out pretty easy isn’t it? If you often do the ways above, so it is not difficult to care for straight hair in a State of sleep. Good luck with your 8 ways how to keep hair straight while sleeping.