7 Ways How To Keep Natural Hair Straight In Humidity


Hi ladies, how to keep natural hair straight in humidity is a thing that is not easy to do. If you are one of those who felt the alarmed when the weather is damp, so you are not alone as many people experience it. Humid weather or rainy season can indeed make hair become dull and tangled as it is not well maintained. Maybe you’ve done acts of prevention in order to keep the natural hair straight, but have yet to deliver maximum results in accordance with the desired. Things you need to consider when under such conditions it is you should be able to choose products that match your skin and hair type.

The relationship between the straight hair and humid weather indeed must be observed. When the uncertain weather and especially the weather becoming suddenly cloudy then rain, couldn’t we belies that humid weather can make the hair more difficult to set up, sticky, and tangle, so that damage the hair straight. Humidity can make the hair strands become swollen around 16% of its normal diameter. This is certainly can cause hair to become more responsive to moisture on the weather at the time. Any hair so it feels more sticky and drenched, though not exposed to rain. Well, to make the hair stronger in the face of the humid weather, you can try 7 simple ways below:

  1. Use a suitable shampoo

If you are experiencing moisture on hair during rainy weather, then should you do that is by using a shampoo that suits your hair type and your scalp and contains more oils, vitamins, and minerals. Another thing that you should notice in the treatment with naturally dry hair using a towel that is soft enough. Avoid using hair dryers that contain fairly high heat temperature because it will damage your hair if it is too often do.

  1. Rinse with conditioner

After you use a shampoo after shampooing, it is recommended to use conditioner so that the hair remains in normal conditions and sufficient humidity conditions. Apply to your hair gently for 1 minute.

  1. Use natural oils

For those of you who have hair tends to be thicker, do not forget the natural oil as a moisturizer for the hair. That’s because the moisture weather tends to make the hair feels more tangled, and using natural oils such as castor oil and shea butter, hair can maintain its moisture. You can also use silicone oil or cream hairs that can keep the balance. You will feel the difference when using it. In addition your hair also maintained despite the humid weather.

  1. Use Apple vinegar

The humid weather makes the hair look tangled more vulnerable, doesn’t mean you should avoid the use of conditioner with a reason in fact adds to the look of the hair the more greasy and limp. Still use the conditioner, but you add the vinegar on the hair care routine. Mix the vinegar with water in the ratio 1:3. After the conditioner is clean, gently flush the water in the hair to avoid oily and tangled impression in damp weather

  1. Use cold water

Wash your hair with cold water that aims to let the pores and cuticles of the hair on the scalp is covered. It is becoming important to do so as the weather is damp, do not interfere with the beauty of straight hair

  1. Use a hair fastener

Tie the hair into a viable alternative to protect hair from humid weather. What’s more if you have hair that is long and straight. This becomes very important. If you feel by tying hair reduce the appearance, you can wear hairties to make your appearance more attractive.

  1. Do not use products that have changed

We recommend that you do not use products that have changed because of the bad impact on health will be hair and looks dull. You should choose 1 type of product which is only suitable with your hair so that the hair can be protected despite the season being rain or damp.

That’s some of the best way to keep natural hair straight in humidity. You can do it in a small way, and there is no need to worry if you’re having hair problems when the weather is humid or rainy season. 7 ways how to keep natural hair straight in humidity above will at least help you resolve it.