How To Make Hair Healthy After Bleaching


Hi ladies, perhaps still confused about how to make hair healthy after bleaching or how to save your hair after bleaching. It is very interesting got hair like balayage well-known today. But did you know, in the process of hair coloring that uses vibrant colors or bright, the hair should traverse the process of bleaching in advance so that the desired color can be installed perfectly.

Not a few women who are experiencing hair breakage after bleaching, so needed a way how to treat damaged bleached hair. Well, here is explained about how to make hair healthy after bleaching in order not to damage your beautiful hair. So that your hair is not damaged after bleaching, follow these steps.

  1. Hair mask

The hair becomes dry and vulnerable branched out after the process of bleaching. Don’t panic, use hair mask after shampooing to restore moisture. Apply gently on the hair shaft so as not to make it broken.

  1. Use a serum

Hair serum or in the form of natural oils, it is very important to restore the hair becomes soft, glowing, and easy to set up. Serum is also practical to use to minimize the danger of heat styling tools. You can use coconut oil after bleaching hair.

  1. Double conditioner

Use a conditioner specifically for colored hair. If your hair is fragile after the process of bleaching to feels like a thread, continue with special conditioners for damaged hair care.

  1. Do not frequent combing

Avoid combing the hair too often because hair after bleaching is very vulnerable. The hair would fall out and broken. We recommend using a large toothed comb to resolve it.

  1. We recommend that you rarely shampooing

Shampooing twice a week is sufficient for colored hair. In addition to making the hair getting dry, hair color can fade more quickly. Use a dry shampoo for a replacement schedule of shampooing.

  1. Avoid drying with hair dryer

It’s time a breakup with styling tools! The excess heat generated thus making dry hair tends to be branched. In addition to the hair dryer, protect your hair from the Sun’s rays by pouring heat protector before moving outdoors.

  1. Routine trim

Hair trimming is highly recommended to be done once a month. In addition to making beautiful growing hair back, regular trim could be framing your face with more perfect.

That’s a few steps that you need to do to keep the beauty of hair after bleaching. How to save your hair after bleaching or how to make hair healthy after bleaching can be done very easily.