How To Make Hair Straight Without Heat


Hi ladies, what you’re experiencing confusion regarding how to make hair straight without heat? There are many ways that you can do about how to get straight hair without heat. Straight hair trend appears to be currently much favored by women. A variety of ways to straighten hair generally can be bad for the health of the hair. For example, the use of chemicals or equipment such as a hair dryer. These tools contain the heat so that it can make damaged hair. Straighten hair without the use of tools hair straighteners containing heat is not going to be perfectly straight.

This article will discuss a number of methods that can make your hair straight without using any tools are expensive and can damage the hair. Keep in mind that not all methods will successfully making your hair straight, and you may need to use more than one method to get the desired results. These methods also need to be done on a consistent basis in order to obtain the result. Here are some ways on how to make hair straight without heat you can try at home:

  1. Start by using a shampoo and conditioner that matches your hair

Wet hair is a first step to straighten it, so start by washing and give the conditioner on the hair. Use a deep conditioner (the conditioner which is affixed on the hair and silenced during 20-30 hours) or let stand the hair that’s been given a regular conditioner in a time of 2-3 seconds to increase the humidity of the hair and prevents hair so as not stiffly. You can also wet the hair without washing and applying the conditioner.

  1. Use a towel that can absorb water well

Generally dry hair without using a dryer will take quite a long time. However, using a towel that can absorb water perfectly naturally will be helpful. Use the towel gently to absorb water on the hair until nothing drips.

  1. Comb hair until dry

If your hair is hair that is easy to straight, then comb the hair while still wet with hair Combs. In addition, every few minutes pull the hair tight by using the hands until dry.

  1. Roll the hair with big hair rollers

Using large hair rollers also can help make hair straight. Use of plastic hair rollers better if compared to the rollers of the foam, as it can give a more delicate effect. Make sure the hair is still wet during this process by spraying the water if it starts to dry out.

  1. Use the correct products and is suitable for hair

Make the hair seem straight can also be done using a suitable hair serum with type hair. Products that are not suitable with this type of hair will only cause hair to become damaged.

  1. If using the hair dryer, choose cold air setting

When using the hair dryer, you should select the setting the cold air on the hairdryer. The drying process is certainly will be felt very long but it’s better because it will make your hair not exposed to heat which resulted in damage.

That’s some tips how to get straight hair without heat you can do easily. Hair that is too often exposed to heat from the dryers and hair straighteners can result in serious damage to the hair. Besides the above hair straightening techniques indeed will not always work on everyone’s hair. However, if you have natural wavy hair, or hair that is not too curly, a few tips on how to make hair straight without heat above could be the right solution.