How To Make Your Hair Straight Forever


Hi ladies, do your confusion about how to make your hair straight forever? A lot of women who go to the salon, only to straighten her hair. Because they assume, straight hair is more easily regulated and more look shiny. Straight hair is one trend that is mandatory. For those who have curly hair or frizzy right now trying to get straight hair. Various ways ever done to get straight hair forever.

So hair becomes straight is very easy to get, you have the curls stay went to the salon to straighten it. Now at the salon there are two ways to make hair become straight, the way IE rebonding or smoothing. How that is done in a salon is indeed going to get maximum results, but the effect does not make the hair is obtained as a result. However, most methods of hair straightening can damage the hair, let alone the method can straighten hair permanently.


For those of you who have curly hair and want to have a straight hair forever should not worry anymore, because now there is a way that you can do to get straight hair permanently and without giving an adverse effect on the hair. Well, for that if you want to know how to straighten your hair forever, we refer to the discussion immediately below.

  1. Celery

How to straighten hair with a celery is indeed quite nice, however the trick rather difficult and a lot of takes. Because you have to make celery juice extract, and then stored overnight. However, you can still use the celery if interested. After you create a extract the juice, and then apply it to the entire section of hair. Let sit overnight so pervasive. When the morning comb hair until it is smooth and closed back for half a day.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

It’s been an awful lot of the community who know what are the benefits of Aloe Vera. Besides the enriched nutrients beneficial for hair, Aloe Vera gel is also proven efficacious enough to make foods, herbal remedies, and much more. How to straighten hair with Aloe Vera is by taking a gel inside Aloe Vera trunk. Heat the aloe vera gel last for several minutes, then allow to cool. After cold apply evenly throughout all the sections of the scalp as a conditioner. It’s good you did after shampooing for 30 minutes. With the use of hair regularly, you will also naturally sparkling.

  1. Banana and honey

Bananas in addition to good for consumption turned out to be too good to straighten hair naturally. Choose a banana milk which is ripe. Then mashed or blended crushed way. Combine bananas already crushed last with two tablespoons of honey and then apply it evenly on the hair up to the root of the hair. Let stand for 1 hour then rinse with clean water.


  1. Papaya and honey

Papaya is not only good for the health of the skin only. Content of vast gardens also can help straighten your hair to a permanent and durable. It’s easy, you just puree papaya and then mix it with a little honey and apply evenly up to the root of the hair. Comb the hair until the material evenly and pervasive. Let dive 1 hour and rinse with clean water. Black hair straight and you will get.

  1. Milk

Another way that you can travel to get straight hair forever is to use milk. The trick is to mix powdered milk and water with a 1:1 comparison. Then beat in the milk that had been in the water mix evenly. After that apply the milk mask on hair evenly before shampooing. To flatten you can use Hair Combs. After that wait for 15 minutes, and you can use the shampoo rinse. After your hair is cleaned up you can apply conditioner to your hair’s moisture in order to stay awake. Thus your hair will appear more straight.

  1. Coconut Milk and lime juice

Coconut milk used to straighten hair is the original coconut milk and coconut is made with an old one. To straighten your hair this way simply combine coconut milk one glass with two spoons of lemon juice. Stir both ingredients until evenly distributed. After that, let stand in the refrigerator for about two hours until chilled and thickened. Coconut masks and clothes lime last on the hair until evenly and comb the hair until the material evenly. Wrap the hair with a shower until it dries. Then rinse until clean. Do this once a week so that straight hair forever.

  1. Egg and Olive Oil

To straighten your hair so straight forever that is by using an egg and olive oil. The way to do that is to prepare two eggs chicken, mix in a container and shake until evenly over foam. After that, add the olive oil 1-2 tsp in the egg mixture and stir again until blended. Then apply the mask on your hair, starting from the roots to the ends of the hair, and then flatten it using a comb. Let stand the masks on your hair for 20 minutes until the mask feels dry. After that, rinse with shampoo to clean. In addition to straighten your hair this way will also keep the hair nutrition.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is also quite effective for straightening hair without rebonding. But the better the vinegar you apply after you apply other hair straightening way so that maximum result. When used regularly, the hair you will look increasingly slick and shiny natural. You can apply the vinegar to your hair with a way to mix it up in advance with clear water. Avoid using the vinegar directly, because it could lead to inflammation. After 30 minutes, clear by way of shampooing.

  1. almond oil

After shampooing, usually many women who use conditioner. Indeed such use could nourish the hair, but so that the maximum straight hair add some drops of almond oil. In addition, it’s also important to avoid using a hair dryer or blow dryer after wearing the conditioner. Simply let it dry naturally, due to the use of the dryer could potentially cause damage to hair.

  1. do not tie hair

When you’ve got straight hair from one of the methods above, then I suggest treating it properly. Because if not impossible, to take care of hair would be to shape. One of the things important in treating hair straight is avoiding ties. The existence of the fastener could result in hair hair be not straight perfect, especially if you tie in with strong.

So the way that permanently straight hair without having to go to a salon. To get the most you can do one of the above ways with routine. All how to straighten your hair forever above actually is very simple, it all depends on your own this. Tips on how to make your hair straight forever will be useless if not direct you try at home.