How to Overcome and Prevent Dyspareunia


After knowing symptoms and causes of dyspareunia, the next actions are overcome and prevent Dyspareunia. As it is known, that women who have symptoms of dyspareunia will feel pain when having sex at certain times. This course will eliminate the pleasure in sex. There are many causes of dyspareunia, such as the suggestion in her about the pain when having sex because of the size of the vagina is too narrow, or the woman had received prior sexual abuse. Another reason that causes pain that is for example you have an infection of the cervix (if Mr. P on the cervix, this will definitely cause pain called collision dyspareunia), endometriosis (which is an infection of the uterus and the uterine wall which usually feels pain during menstruation), suffering from chlamydia, or when you’re having a pregnancy outside the womb. There is also claimed that the cause is a lack of lubricant.

How to overcome and prevent dyspareunia?

Before we get too late, it is good we are doing some preventive action. Most action to prevent it is to maintain the cleanliness of the body and the environment, stay away from the use of clothes too tight because this is also not good for health, wear comfortable clothes, when cleaning the vagina wash from front to back, urinate every time after having sex, use a lubricant to keep the Miss V so as not to dry, do not do too deep penetration when you have suffered from endometriosis, and sex do one or two weeks after menstruation.


How to treat dyspareunia?

To treat dyspareunia should consult with a doctor. Although having sex for the first time it can cause a feeling that uncomfortable, but if you feel pain in the time and after making love, you need to consult with a doctor. Women who had experienced sexual abuse or trauma should also consult with a doctor to avoid some things that are not expected. One more key is to keep good communication with your partner. If you feel uncomfortable or painful at the time of making love, you should immediately tell your partner. Additionally, perform a comfortable position during sexual intercourse can also help avoid the risk of pain. Another thing to note is the need to warm up your partner in advance to make the vagina to relax and be able to produce a natural lubricant.

That’s some way overcome, prevent and treat pain during sex that we need to know. By knowing the causes and how to overcome them, hopefully we can soon be overcome and treat dyspareunia in order not to place the things we do not want.