Hypertension? Treat with Eat Papaya

Hypertension can be dangerous if not taken seriously, and for those of you who have high blood pressure and reluctant to seek treatment, you should eat a papaya. Papaya fruit contains nutrients that are good for the body, especially for people with high blood pressure.

Papaya is known as the fruit found in many different countries and contains high potassium. The content of potassium in the papaya that makes it can lower blood pressure. The papaya fruit contains more than 16 percent of the body’s need for potassium. In fact, there is a dub papaya as the fruit which is best consumed during the diet because it is rich in nutrients.

American Heart Association recommends the consumption of foods high in potassium every day to control blood pressure. It is not recommended to consume too much sodium from processed foods, canned foods, and fast food. Too much sodium in the body can lead to high blood pressure, and may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

When compared with the melon and tomatoes, papaya fruit contains the highest potassium 781mg per piece. Increase intake of papaya every day to maintain blood pressure at a normal rate. Therefore, the risk of chronic disease can also be minimized. To increase the consumption of papaya every day, can be added to salads or fruit ice. Fresh sweet fruit is also delicious made into juice or milkshake. Papaya is also easily found in stores fruit most of the year with price is quite cheap as the fruit which is rich in nutrients and can reduce hypertension.

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