Junk Food worsen Sperm Quality


Men should be cautious in maintaining the sperm quality. Moreover, who likes to eats junk food. Savory flavors and delicious crunchy often addictive. Delicacy of this fast food menu could actually make the sperm quality decreases.

Food plays an important role in shaping fertility for both men and women. Because it is advisable to always eat nutritious foods to keep the body healthy and sperm quality. As evidenced by a recent research.

The doctors from America’s Harvard University and the University of Murcia, Spain, analyzed the sperm’s hundreds of men aged 18-22 years. The whole man is involved in this study had a good shape without having health problems on their reproductive system.


The participants were then asked to record what foods they eat every day for several months, before being assessed again. The result, those who ate high-fat foods such as biscuits, cakes, chocolates, chips, fried chicken, burgers or fried foods have poor sperm quality.

Those who have the ideal body weight and like to exercise regularly and keep eating foods high in fat are also affected. Those at high risk for weak sperm, the sperm could not survive the journey to fertilize eggs because sperm quality decreases.

With this simple research can be concluded that fast food can lead to decreased sperm quality. This of course is bad for fertility of men. Nutritious food improve the quality of sperm. If you want to have children, you should keep your sperm quality by eating rich nutrients foods such as grains, fish, fruits and vegetables.