Makeup Tips: How to Make the Nose Look Sharp


Makeup tips for making the nose to make it look sharp indeed necessary for those who have less sharp nose. Yes, sharp nose would be the dream of every woman. If you have a less sharp nose, you do not need to worry because with the appropriate makeup tips then you will be able to have a sharp nose instantly. Here are some simple makeup tips that you can try to make the sharp nose.

How to Make the Nose Look Sharp

Darker Foundation

If you have a nose that is not so sharp so you need to have a matt foundation that is slightly darker than the color of your skin. First apply foundation with a darker color of your skin. If your nose long you live apply on your nose bones. After that, try to apply foundation between the eyebrows to the nose.


Contour Technique

When wearing makeup, of course contour technique became the most important thing in making the nose look sharper again. If you want to make your nose appear smaller try to use bronze color from the brow to the edge of the nose. Bronzer will make the nose look sharper.

No Shine

One of the most effective makeup tips to make the nose look sharper is to use makeup matt. Never make the nose appear shine because the sharp effect produced by the foundation and shading will be useless.

Do Not Exaggerate

Never wear excessive makeup on the face to make the nose look sharper. It would be better if you highlight the makeup on the cheeks in order to make the nose appear much sharper. Give highlights reasonable and not excessive.


Powder will effectively absorb the oil on the face. After making the contour and wearing foundation last step is to apply powder on the face to remove the shine on the face.

Those are some makeup tips for your nose look sharper. Sharp nose will make women look more beautiful, therefore it is very necessary makeup tips to make it instantly if you do not have a sharp nose. Happy trying makeup tips to make the sharp nose.