Myths and Facts about Breast Cancer


Many myths have developed in the community about breast cancer. The information is actually wrong, but is considered true because it has been circulating from generation to generation. The many myths about breast cancer circulating in society resulted in people does not realize that the information received was not true.

Here are some myths and facts about breast cancer that need to know that you do not receive incorrect information.

  • Myth: Does not need to use a bra. Bras that bind tightly bust woman considered as a cause of breast cancer. No need to overuse bra considered to be one of prevention efforts. But this myth is not true at all. Can be read in the article “Breast Holder Not Trigger Breast Cancer”
  • Myth: Big breasts increased risk of breast cancer. The fact is breast size does not affect breast cancer, it’s just that, large breast size, making cancer harder to detect because of the thick pile of fat. That should be wary of is the skinny or slim women but large breasts.
  • Myth: Women, who are overweight, have the same level of risk with women who have normal weight. It was wrong, because obese people have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, especially after menopause.
  • Myth: Only women with cancer family background, which can be affected by breast cancer. But according to the data, about 70% of women with breast cancer, it does not have the background. However, if there is a next of kin who suffer from breast cancer, it means your risk of developing breast cancer increases.
  • Myth: Cancer always begins with a lump. In addition to the lump, early symptoms of breast cancer is the swelling, irritation, redness or scaly nipples become. Breast cancer can also spread to the armpit.
  • Myth: Regular check-ups with mammograms can increase the risk of breast cancer due to radiation. It is indeed true, that mammograms using radiation, but, the amount is very small compared with the benefits of the test. Mammograms can detect lumps far more before you feel any problem in your breast. It is recommended to perform a screening mammogram every one or two years, especially after entering the age of forty years.
  • Myth: Often consumed caffeine can cause cancer. But this is unfounded because there is no relationship between caffeine consumption and cancer.
  • Myth: Men do not get breast cancer. Men can also develop breast cancer even if the percentage is smaller than the female. Breast cancer in men is also dangerous. The spread of breast cancer in men is faster because the breast tissue surrounding the male is thinner than that of women in the early stages may have occurred adhesions to the surrounding tissues.
  • Myth: Patients with tumors in the breast when breast-feeding will increase the risk of cancer in children. According to the study, showed that cancer cells cannot be carried through breastfeeding. Cancer cells are not found in the milk so it will not carry over.
  • Myth: Breast cancer can be caused by a wound in the breast. It can be denied because there was no evidence to show the impact on the breast may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Those are some myths and facts about breast cancer. It should be noted that the myth is not entirely true, but there are some that are also approximately correct. So with some myths and facts about breast cancer can be used as a reference in maintaining and preventing the occurrence of cancer, and it can affect anyone, not depending on body weight, breast size, or gender.