Natural Tips to Overcome Vertigo


Vertigo is a complaint, but if left untreated it can be a sign of serious illness. Vertigo can occur at any time, so it can be physically and psychologically disturbing. Patients will easily lose balance and often feel anxious. Patients often have to stop activity and wait until the attack passed.

To deal with vertigo, there are a variety of ways depending on the cause, could be the provision of medicines, therapy or surgery. If with drug, commonly used drugs to increase the diameter of blood vessels, anti-histamine, anti-vomiting, anti-anxiety, anti-depressants and other drugs were found in accordance with vertigo disease. Vertigo can also be overcome by consuming enzyme Bromelain, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, which serves to regulate the balance of the nervous system. It also can with ginger and ginkgo to improve circulation into and within the brain.


If vertigo is still in the lightweight category, aromatherapy is helpful to stabilize the nervous system, either inhalation or massage. Therapy can also be done with vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT). This is a physical therapist to cure vertigo aimed at reducing dizziness, improve balance, and prevent someone from falling, by restoring the function of the vestibular system. In VRT, patients do exercises for your brain to adjust and replace cause vertigo. Patients will undergo some exercises that will train balance in a higher level, including head movements, eye movements, and walking.

There are some natural ways that can be done to avoid the arrival of vertigo.

  • Try sleeping with your head a bit high. Then when getting out of bed, do not make a move that surprised. Wake up slowly and sit before standing.
  • Be careful when moving the neck in the up position. If take an item or object from a height, avoid tilting the head position.
  • Avoid physical fatigue and stress.
  • Eat with ample portions. Avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates, foods that can stimulate allergies (eg seafood, spicy, excessive acid), oils and foods that contain excess fat, and limit salt intake to 1500 mg / day. Reduce alcohol and caffeine.
  • Do physical activity or regular exercise and enough sleep.

In addition to the above, the most important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So it is not surprising that a healthy lifestyle is the key to avoid vertigo, because many serious diseases arise due to the unhealthy lifestyle.