Office Exercises with Simple Movements


Office exercises with simple movements are indispensable when undergoing quite a lot of office work. However if the body wants to stay healthy and fit so it must do regular exercise every day. If the day off work, maybe you can do the exercise interspersed with adequate rest. But what if the activities of the office cannot force you to exercise? Office exercises with simple movements you can do to keep your body healthy and fit.

Office work makes you to linger in front of the desk or the computer will make your body do not move much. This is what makes the body become less healthy and fit. For that you need to balance it with exercise in the office. Exercise does not always have to be done outdoors, but with a simple movement you can do indoors, even unnoticed by your colleagues. Some simple exercise that can be done include stretching the head, stretching the hands, and stretching the legs.

exercise in the office

Here are some ways of office exercises with simple movements:

Stretching heads – Sometimes if too long sitting at a desk or computer, head feels heavier and need relaxation. To fix this, you need a simple movement, which is by tilting the head to the right for 10 seconds and the opposite side with the same time. Follow the movement nodded, looked up, and looked over the same time frame. Finish by turning the head once to the right and left.


Stretching hands – This can be done if you have a chance to leave your desk for a while. You could do when going to copy a document on the copier. While waiting for the copies come out, try to lift your arms to the top, front, side and rear, then follow with shoulders rotate forwards and backwards 8 times by the same amount. You can also creation of own motion suitable for stretching your hand by stretching both hands to the side of the top and front.

Stretching the legs – For leg stretching exercises, can also be done in front of the copier as stretching hands, but on the other it can also be done when you go to the toilet. The trick, lift and hold one leg bent behind you at least 5 seconds. Then follow with the other leg. After that, rotate to the right knee and left alternately for 10 seconds. This movement followed by turning the ankle to the right and left 3 to 4 times in a row and in different directions. If possible, you can take off the high heels and squat and small jumps. If it cannot, quite squat and stand repeatedly. Office exercises to stretch legs can also be done while you are sitting, the leg raise and straighten up to 90 degrees below the office desk. Dance resign your seat when not enough. Lift the leg for 10 seconds and put it again, so up to 5-8 times.

That’s the simple gestures that you can practice in the office to keep your body fit. The work is important, but do not forget the health of your body. Actually, quite easy to do office exercises, but it all depends on yourself want to do it or not.

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