Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally


Breast cancer is one of the most feared diseases of women. Many ways can be taken in order to avoid breast cancer. Previously experts consider that breast cancer is actually a disease that cannot be prevented. Now, researchers have a lot to know how to prevent it, at least reduce the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer can be prevented through the efforts of medical or alternative therapies.

The safest way to prevent or at least reduce the risk of breast cancer is in a natural way, which would also reduce certain side effects. Prevention of naturally starts with regular exercise, pay attention to the type of food eaten, avoid drinking alcohol, not smoking, breastfeeding, and bask in the sun.


Regular exercise should be done to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Research shows that in line with the increased activity, the risk of breast cancer will be reduced. Exercise will lower the levels of estrogen produced by the body, thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.

In addition it should be noted that food consumed daily, and keep your weight not to exceed the ideal size. Food consumed should not containing the type of fat that triggers breast cancer, such as saturated fat in meat, butter, foods containing full-cream milk (whole-milk dairy foods) and fatty acids in margarine. While the type of fat that helps prevent breast cancer is the unsaturated fats in olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and other cold water fish.

Eat vegetables and fruits are also important. The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less risk for all cancers, including breast cancer. Food from plants containing high anti-oxidants, including vitamins A, C, E and the mineral selenium, which can prevent cell damage that can cause cancer. National Cancer Institute (NCI) recommends to consume fruits and vegetables at least 5 (five) times a day. But to avoid fruits and vegetables that contains a lot of fat, like French fries or pie with banana cream. Good food is vegetables and fruits that contain lots of fiber. Fiber foods will bind estrogen in the digestive tract, so that the levels in the blood will be reduced.

It’s also important to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Many studies have shown that the more alcohol consumed, the risk of breast cancer is increasing because alcohol increases estrogen levels in the blood, other than that smoking also increases the risk of breast cancer.

A little sunlight can help prevent breast cancer, because at the time of sun on the skin, the body makes vitamin D. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium breast tissue, thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer. In order to obtain the sun for 20 minutes / day is recommended to walk under the sun during the day or evening.

There are other ways that are also believed to reduce the risk of breast cancer, although there is no definitive research that is by breastfeeding and avoiding stress. Medical literature states that stress can boost the risk of breast cancer. But research on this is still controversial. But it never hurts to start preventing breast cancer in a way to overcome stress in your life through meditation, yoga, tai chi, gardening or other leisure activities.