Prevent Dandruff Practically


Dandruff is often a problem that makes us less confident. In addition, we also of course head skin will feels itchy if you have dandruff. This causes discomfort to the appearance and our health.

Surely we can not possibly survive with full hair dandruff. But do not worry, because it can still be overcome. Below are six simple but effective tips to prevent it that perched on our head.

prevent dandruff

  1. Do not scratch your head skin because it can make the skin blisters and cause secondary infections.
  2. Wear an anti-dandruff shampoo containing zinc regularly pyrithione (ZPT), because these shampoos have the effect of anti-bacteria and fungi that can prevent or reduce the incidence of skin flakes and relieve itching in the head.
  3. Eliminate stress. Although not the primary cause but stress can trigger dandruff.
  4. Avoid the use of hair oil, gel or hair spray because it can lead to excessive growth of skin fungus.
  5. Limiting foods and beverages that can triggers the growth of skin fungi, such as alcoholic beverages.
  6. Eat foods that contain vitamin B to maintain healthy hair, such as egg yolks, nuts, grains and vegetables.

Ways above can be done to prevent the arrival of dandruff. Simple and practical enough to prevents dandruff.