Prevent Sleepy with Eating Egg


Sleepy can be a serious problem in your daily life. If you feel sleepy at rest does not matter. But if when you’re working? Sleepy certainly is a very annoying and hinder the work. For those of you who often feel sleepy at work, you should not eat sweet snacks, but eat egg. Eggs according to research can help prevent sleepiness.

The scientists found that the protein in eggs, especially those found in egg white, help us stay awake and stay alert. This protein is more effective than carbohydrates found in chocolate, biscuits and foods containing sugar.

prevent sleepy with eat egg

Researchers from Cambridge University test how it affects the nutritional substance of the brain cells that can keep us from sleeping. The content of protein in egg white mixture generates cells that trigger the release of orexin content, while sugar inhibits the release of orexin.


Dr.Denis Burdakov, one of the researchers said, “Choose the type of foods that are rational.” If you have a choice between bread with jam or bread with egg. Choose the last option. “Although the two types of options contain the same calories, but get less protein will make the body burn more calories consumed,” said Burdakov. The findings were published in the journal nervous as quoted by the Daily Mail.

In addition, eggs also contain a type of cholesterol that has a minimal impact in increasing the risk of heart attack. So in addition to preventing sleepy, eating eggs is very beneficial for health, especially at breakfast before leaving for work.