Prevent Wrinkles with Natural Ingredients


Prevent wrinkles with natural ingredients is not something difficult to do. Even this is very easy because it uses natural ingredients and has no side effects like chemicals. So how do? Is it possible to prevent wrinkles with natural ingredients? Simple enough question to answer.

Prevent wrinkles with natural ingredients require a natural substance that already exists around us. There are so many in fact, it’s just that here will be explained about how to prevent wrinkles with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, and banana. This natural ingredients are very suitable for facial skin tightening.


Well, here’s an explanation about the use of coconut oil, honey, and banana:

Pure coconut oil able to lift dry skin that cause wrinkles. The way is easy, simply by smearing warm coconut oil to the surface of the face. Perform this process as many times as needed to maintain the tension our skin.

The second way is use honey. Honey is a natural substance that is very nutritious and it also can be used to eliminate wrinkles. The trick, first face should be washed first with lukewarm water. This will make the honey worked better because the pores of the skin of the face in an open state. After that, rub a little honey to the face and leave it for 25-30 minutes. After that, wash your face using warm water, then refresh with ice that is rubbed into the skin of the face. Make sure the ice is to wash the places covered with honey.

The final way is use bananas. Make one or two bananas like cream by squashed. Spread the banana cream to the entire surface of the face. Leave it on for 30 minutes then wash with warm water. Pat your skin softly and do not wipe it until dry.

Prevent wrinkles with natural ingredients by the above is pretty easy to do. No need to spend a lot of cost to prevent wrinkles with natural ingredients. Do one of the three ways above, to prevent wrinkles with natural ingredients.