Recommended Foods in Paleo Diet


Recommended foods in Paleo Diet is often asked. Actually, almost the same as the menu of food we eat every day, but there is little difference when adjusted for general diet. Dietary paleo diet actually leaves all forms and types of rice, sticky rice, wheat, and potatoes. Eaten in the Paleo Diet is all the things that basically mimic the diet of our ancestors during the Palaeolithic hunting and gathering food. But we do not need to be as extreme it and go into the forest to look for food; we can buy it in the market and adding exercise brisk walking or jogging for physical fitness activities.

Some may ask, instead ancestors got food from hunting, and of course the daily diet is meat. Why do they have the ideal body shape? Yes, our ancestors have always eaten meat, which has been often accused of being the causes of high cholesterol are considered to be good for a diet program. The answer is our ancestors ate organic meat where there are no chemicals at this point, meaning that all is naturally derived from nature.

paleo diet foods

The meat is good to eat, as a supporting diet program, is an organic meat, such as grass-fed beef and wild fish such as salmon or tuna. Meat consumed today is the result of meat cattle industry, which has no natural breeding way of nature. Organic meat contains fewer calories than meat in general, but with a richer nutrient content, especially the good fat content. In additionis recommended consuming meat with organic fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables should be presented in a raw state. If cooked, processed better by steaming or boiling in water for a while, compared with sauteed way that actually reduces the nutritional value it contains.


For more details, following the principle of ‘Paleo Chic’ diet advocated by Esther:

  • Consumption of pure protein source of organic products such as free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and wild fish.
  • Select the source of fat carefully, for example instead of using cooking oil with olive oil or vegetable oil.
  • Nuts as a snack can help prolong satiety, and the recommendation is to consume 1/4 cup for all types of beans.
  • Avoid eating foods with high gluten content, such as various types of wheat flour and wheat.
  • Avoid eating processed fruits and vegetables, and stay focused to consume organic food types.

That’s some food menu recommended for the paleo diet, that you need to input into your diet menu list if already choose the paleo diet as a steady diet program of your choice.