Symptoms and Causes of Dyspareunia


What is Dyspareunia? Perhaps many do not know about this disease. Dyspareunia is a term used to describe an unusual pain that is felt during intercourse. Dyspareunia is pain in the genitals or pain in the pelvis that occur during sexual intercourse. As it is known that sex is a very enjoyable activity, but what happens if your lover suffers dyspareunia? This certainly turned into a not unpleasant because of the pain.

Dyspareunia can affect men and women, but in men is rare, and is more prevalent in women. Pain can arise at the first sexual intercourse or a year later. It could be a physical factors or psychological factors. For people living with dyspareunia, turns enjoyment and beauty making love just a myth, and even they consider these fun activities should be very excruciating and very painful.




If you experience the above symptoms, then most likely you are suffering Dyspareunia, which is a sexual disorder that would cause a person can no longer enjoy a healthy sexual relationship. Even most of the people with this Dyspareunia will assume that sex is a very deep torment. Dyspareunia symptom is pain in the genitals or pain in the pelvis that occur during sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia more often attack women with a relatively young age, which is between the ages of 16 to 39 years. Outside the age range, dypareunia also be back felt by women in menopause, with respect to changes in the walls of Miss V. In menopause, the vagina becomes narrower and only a little mucus producing lubricants, so that penetration is often painful.

Dyspareunia can be divided into two types according to the location of the pain is felt. The first is superficial dyspareunia, which only felt during penetration takes place. Typically, this is caused due to the size of Mr. P which tends to increase due to an erect, thickened hymen or as a result of vaginismus (pelvic floor muscle spasms that cause narrowing of the canal Miss V). The second type is deep dyspareunia or pain that is felt on the top of the vagina that is usually associated with pelvic disease. The pain can be like a burning sensation and torn.

Here are the causes of dyspareunia in the vagina when making love was also reported at page.

  • Nervous – This often occurs in the relationship first. No wonder so many of you who are less so enjoyed the first night, because, when you feel nerveous muscles in the vagina reluctant to stretch, moreover, if you are not utilizing the foreplay to eliminate tense moments when making love.
  • Passionate – If a woman does not feel excited, especially during foreplay, will be hard pressed to discharge that help facilitate the entry of Mr. P into your vagina hole. So, that the friction during intercourse will occur on the walls of your vagina and of course you will feel pain because the absence of fluid ‘lubricant’ in your vagina.
  • Vaginismus – It is also very often happen on the first night where a woman was frightened and anxious for the marital relationship. Vagina Muscles also getting hold him for not giving way to your partner as a result of anxiety before sex or known as vaginismus.

That is the definition of the symptoms and causes of dyspareunia that needs to be known. For those of you who are experiencing dyspareunia should need to do therapy or special treatment to overcome it, and also the need for preparedness physically and mentally strong before deciding to make love.