Threat of Sperm Quality


Now a lot of killer sperm found around us which can be a threat of sperm quality, such as hot water, chemicals, through daily habits. This is certainly a serious threat, especially for men.

However, we should know which could be a threat of sperm quality. Here are what could be threat of sperm quality:

The chemical bisphenol (BPA) has been shown to cause deterioration of quality and sperm production. This is a substance that could be a threat of sperm quality. These chemicals which often used in plastics, furniture, paper and ink are also causes hormone disruption in boys. Experts believe there is the greatest source of BPA in canned food. For that, choose fresh foods every day.


Pesticides used to eradicate pests often left on the leaves or skins of fruits and vegetables. Always wash vegetables and fruits that will be consumed in running water before consumption to reduce threat of sperm quality.

Sitting too long, so is the habit of wearing tight pants and soak in hot water will lead to increase testis temperature, whereas the temperature of testis should be cooler than body temperature. If temperature is above normal testis, the production of healthy sperm will not be optimal.

Too long be smoker not only increases the risk of cancer but also be a threat of sperm quality. In addition to causing impotence, cigarette smoke also have thousands of chemicals that can damage sperm quality.

Keep your weight in normal conditions through exercise because the accumulation of fat in the body would interfere with the hormone testosterone, the hormone which an important effect on sperm production. However exercise should be done according to ability. Research shows which excessive exercise would cause the body to release too many steroid hormones that affect fertility, so it can reduce threat of sperm quality.