Virgin Coconut Oil For Baby Hair Growth


Hi ladies, this time still discuss about coconut oil, especially about Virgin Coconut Oil for baby hair growth. A mother’s wisdom will surely be worrying about everything related to her baby, especially for baby new born. Similarly, the use of health products for the hair baby, you must be concerned with the chemical substances contained in them. Then to treat your baby’s hair wear with natural materials, namely VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil). Coconut oil for hair growth in babies is indeed recommended. This coincided with a growing number of research began to prove the greatness of coconut oil that has many benefits for beauty and health, especially for hair. Since that time many popping up coconut oil products on the market labeled VCO, or Virgin Coconut Oil.

The nutrients contained in the VCO is a different type of medium chain fatty acids with high levels (92%). MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acid) comprised of lauric acid, acid, sour kaprat myristat, and kaprilat acid. I.e. lauric acid compound that also contained in breast milk. Lauric acid is converted into monolaurin in the body is the nutrient-rich foods and serves to protect the baby from bacteria, fungi or viruses. In addition lauric acid is also useful for healing illnesses and keeping the body’s durability. So that the VCO very good consumed by anyone, not just adults but also good for the health of the baby.


Utilization of VCO for a baby can to maintain body health infants such as skin and hair. Who wouldn’t want to have a baby with a healthy skin and hair. Even in the womb of a pregnant mother can consume VCO in order for infants born with skin that is clean and dense hair. Hair thick and healthy babies would have been be the dream of every mother. One way of keeping your baby healthy hair is to use virgin coconut oil.

Here are some of the benefits of virgin coconut oil for baby hair:

  1. To stimulate the baby’s hair growth

At the time of newborn baby, sometimes her hair looks very thin and slow its growth. So often the mother felt concerned with the condition of the baby’s hair so that all means try to make her hair grow fast. One of the natural ways that are worth a try is to use a VCO. The content of nutrients in the VCO which many have vitamin E compositions and K can stimulate hair roots for a fast growing.

Here’s how: moisten your baby’s hair until damp, then apply a VCO directly on the scalp. Massage-massage the hair gently and slowly, from the roots to the ends of the hair for about 15 minutes. After that, leave on for 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair with a special shampoo hair fertilizer efficacious and clean with warm water. Do this activity three times a week before baby shower activity started early morning or late afternoon.

  1. to dense hair baby

Lauric acid which is the main component contained in coconut oil is able to bind the hair nutrition, so that can automatically protect the roots of the hair and prevents hair breakage, so that your baby’s hair can grow lush and dense look.

Here’s how: the same as the first way above.

  1. As the baby hair softener.

VCO is also famous for rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. These nutrients are useful for taking care of baby hair is so soft and shining. In addition because of small molecule, then it can get into the hair shaft and maintain the levels of the protein in the hair so that it makes the hair more radiant and healthy.

Here’s how: after showering and shampooing, apply a VCO to your baby’s hair slowly and evenly to all parts of the hair. Then tidy up with a fluffy baby comb. Use VCO as a natural hair moisturizer for your baby.

  1. To get rid of cradle cap or crust on baby’s head

Cradle cap or seborrhoeic dermatitis or medical term that we often know as the crust on the baby’s scalp is a disease that causes thick scaly patches on the scalp area. This disease is caused by inflammation of the oil glands of the skin. VCO containing substances as anti bacteria, fungi and viruses can treat disorders of cradle cap on babies hair.

Here’s how: apply the VCO to the scalp contained crust and leave for 20 minutes so that the VCO to absorb into the skin of the baby’s head. After 20 minutes, wipe the cradle cap from the scalp using a soft baby comb until nothing is left. This VCO can facilitate us to shed the layers of crust stuck to the baby’s scalp.

  1. Treat baby dry scalp

VCO that contain anti bacteria, fungi and viruses can treat a dry scalp and resulting in the onset of eczema in a baby’s scalp. Eczema in the scalp can make a flaky scalp and cause itching. VCO has moisturizing, so it can cope with a baby’s scalp is dry so that it doesn’t cause eczema in a baby’s scalp.

Here’s how: Apply a little VCO to the roots of the hair evenly and do massage gently and slowly.

  1. To improve blood circulation in the scalp.

VCO has nutrients that are useful for improving blood circulation, because the scalp receives enough nutrients and oxygen. Smoothly blood circulation in the scalp of the baby, then the baby’s hair will be healthy and grow fast.

Here’s how: first, the same way i.e. use VCO on hair before a baby bath and shampoo do activities in the morning or afternoon.

That’s some of the benefits of coconut oil for hair growth in babies. VCO which contain nutrients that are more pure and concentrated result of baby hair health maintenance process will also be faster. VCO can be obtained at supermarkets, drugstores or shops selling VCO. Don’t forget when buying to pay attention to the expiration date. The interesting thing is the use of Virgin Coconut Oil for baby hair growth have not found side effects.