Watch Out Symptoms of Heart Failure


Heart failure is a condition in which the heart does not function properly, or it could be said its ability has declined. The heart in our bodies has a huge role, and when its ability decline or heart failure, definitely very harmful to our bodies and must be vigilant, because the function of the heart is to pump blood that carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells that need energy and transport wastes the body’s cells.

Various heart disorders have symptoms that are similar and typical. Heart failure is very difficult to overcome, because the characteristics of the heart muscle are very different from other body muscles. What can be done is to optimize the strength of the heart that pump blood strongly enough with the pharmaceuticals. So watch out typical symptoms of heart failure.

  • Beware of shortness of breath. This condition can cause the body feel tired and anxious. When the heart starts to weaken its function, blood back into the blood vessels that supply oxygen from the lungs to the heart. As a result, breathing becomes impaired and causing shortness of breath.
  • Beware of fatigue. This is one of the typical symptoms of heart failure. When the heart is weakened, the heart can’t pump enough blood to meet all the needs of the body. As compensation, blood is diverted from the less important parts of the body, such as arms and legs, to supply the more important such as the heart and brain. As a result, sufferers often feel weak, especially in the arms and legs and have difficulty doing normal activities such as walking, climbing stairs or carrying heavy loads.
  • Beware of chronic cough. The buildup of fluid in the lungs may cause coughing or wheezing refractory. Sometimes to produce phlegm or mucus mixed with blood. It is also a symptom of heart failure.
  • Beware of rapid heartbeat or irregular. The heart can speed up the pulse to compensate for its inability to pump blood throughout the body. Patients will feel his heart pounding or irregular heartbeat sometimes.
  • Beware if your appetite is reduced. When the liver and digestive system is working hard but failed to receive a healthy blood supply, the result appears nausea or satiety whereas not eaten.
  • Beware of thought disorder. Abnormal levels of certain substances in the blood such as sodium and reduced blood flow to the brain can interfere with memory or disorientation. However, patients with heart failure often do not realize it themselves.
  • Watch for fluid retention and swelling. Due to impaired blood flow to the kidney, the kidney produces a hormone which causes salt and water retention. The result is a swelling or also called edema. This condition is most common in the wrist and ankle.

With alert to symptoms of heart failure can at least minimize the occurrence of undesirable or worse. Spare your heart and keep your health, do not let the symptoms of heart failure threatens your life.