Weight Loss Meal Plans for Women in 3 Days


Women who want to try a diet to lose weight quickly can try weight loss meal plans for women in 3 days. Many women who want to slim and ideal body in a short time, but they often cannot wait to continue the routine of eating diet foods, which often led to diets fail and not produce weight loss. For that, required a meal plans for weight loss, so that the diet is going well.

Weight Loss Meal Plans

Weight loss meal plans for women in 3 days has the advantage of a relatively short implementation time only 3 days, and does not require heavy exercise. This is a low-calorie diet that is designed to achieve weight loss fairly short term, and the emphasis on the consumption of a balanced diet consisting of protein, fruits, vegetables and grains, so it can be regarded as a healthy meal plans for weight loss.

Following weight loss meal plans for women in 3 days:

Weight Loss Meal Plans for Women

The first day, 870 calories

  • Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, grape juice with wheat bread, peanut butter
  • Lunch:  a half pieces of tuna or salmon, one piece of bread and black tea or black coffee bitter
  • Dinner: chicken or beef with no fat, a handful of beans, carrots and potatoes, apples

The second day, 1149 calories

  • Breakfast: a boiled egg fruit, honey tea, and banana
  • Lunch:  1 hard-boiled egg, whole wheat toast and black coffee or water
  • Dinner: steak beef, broccoli, and tofu stir-fry with desserts such as orange fruit.

The third day, 859 calories

  • Breakfast: one apple, toasted wheat bread and hot tea
  • Lunch: 1 egg boiled with tea or black coffee and a banana
  • Dinner: tuna fish or other marine fish with carrots, cabbage and desserts with fruit and water melon

That meal plans for weight loss that can be done in 3 days. There should also be taken not to process food by frying or contain vegetable oil to avoid the calories and cholesterol. However, the effects experienced by each person can be different, so maybe some of you do not feel good effect. Weight loss meal plans for women in 3 days is also claimed to be able to lose weight by 4 kg in three days because of a sudden drop in calories.