What Type Of Coconut Oil For Hair


Hi ladies, often times we made confused about what type of coconut oil for hair? What kind of coconut oil is good for hair? This question often comes up considering there are several types of coconut oil circulating in the market. We need to understand and know about it because of the variety of products it is treated in a different way.

Based on how to make it, there are 3 types of coconut oil, among other things:

  1. Pure coconut oil or virgin coconut oil (VCO).

This oil is the coconut oil that does not undergo the process of hydrogenation. In order not to experience the hydrogenation, extraction of oil is done by cold process, for example by fermentation, a mere, centrifugation, warming under control, drying quickly grated coconut, and others.

  1. Traditional coconut oil.

This oil is made in the traditional way by coconut farmers or housewife. The trick is to cook the coconut milk until the oil is separated from the caramel. Often this is yellow oil until browned, due to contaminated caramel burnt.

  1. Industry coconut oil.

This oil is made with raw materials copra through the process of refining, bleaching and deodorizing. After copra pressed, cleaned, bleached, and then eliminated the smell. Coconut oil is sold for cooking is often mixed with other vegetable oil, so the price is quite cheap.

Based on types of coconut oil above, what kind of coconut oil is best for hair?

Coconut oil is already known to be very good for your hair, and the types of coconut oil best suited is a pure coconut oil or virgin coconut oil (VCO). Many countries in the world have long been using the benefits of coconut oil for hair. Because of the natural deposits in it is very diverse and has many uses for hair health and skin health.

In contrast to refined traditional coconut oil is commonly used for frying foods, Pure coconut oil or VCO (virgin coconut oil) used as raw material of hair care products. The purity of natural substances in it promising optimal benefits are absorbed by the roots of the hair.

The use of coconut oil is very easy, warm coconut oil and then apply it evenly to all parts of the hair to the scalp. Scalp massage slowly, let sit for one night and wash off in the morning with shampoo. You can also add other ingredients so that the benefits of coconut oil for hair can be retrieved as needed.

Then, where to buy coconut oil for hair? Coconut oil can be obtained easily. You can buy it at the online store that sells herbal products or stores of its kind in the environment around you. If you’re lucky, in the grocery store are also sometimes available. So, you don’t have to hesitate doing hair treatment with coconut oil raw material, because you already know what type of coconut oil for hair or what type of coconut oil should you use for your hair.