Wheatgrass Juice is Effective to Cure Cancer


Wheatgrass juice is believed to be beverages that are beneficial to health and body fitness. Hollywood stars and even drinking wheatgrass juice at breakfast and before yoga practice, instead of drinking other energy drinks.

The world began to discuss the benefits of wheatgrass in the early 1940s. A cancer patient named Ann Wigmore claimed to heal because of regular wheatgrass juice. After quite happy with his recovery, he took the study of herbal healing, and wrote over 30 books including “Elixir of Life” that reveals the wonders of wheatgrass.


From there, researchers from the Institute of Oncology was interested in and do a more deeply studies of wheatgrass juice. It was found out, that the wheat sprouts can reduce tumor growth and reduce metastasis (a type of cancer that attacks the bone).

Wheatgrass juice comprises more than 90 types of minerals and vitamins that humans need. Even wheatgrass juice are rich in amino acids, including lysine is good for skin and hair. As many as 70 percent in wheatgrass juice contains chlorophyll, that is effective against free radicals and cardiovascular disease. Even the wheat sprouts contain more than 400 enzymes.

To make it easier to make wheatgrass juice, you can grow wheat grass at home. After a long rod has reached 10-12 cm, cut. Then mix the wheat grass with water then blend.

Should drink wheatgrass juice while still fresh, because, 15 minutes after the process of enzyme activity will be reduced juice, and an hour later the enzyme was no longer remains. Health experts recommend drinking wheatgrass juice when stomach is empty, can also add other fruits so that it can be a healthy beverage alternative other than yogurt.